Viera Langerova

Film Critic, Slovak Republic

Viera LangerovaShe studied film and theatre theory on Academy of Arts (Bratislava, Slovakia) and Cultural Studies on Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic). She worked as an editor in Slovak and Czech periodicals. After living in Kazakhstan and Pakistan she did her disertation on Asian film. She is the author of the books Film Geography: Continental China, Hongkong, Taiwan and the travelogue Urdu, Parda, Burka. Five years in Pakistan. She read the film lectures in Baltic Film and Media School, Tallinn University in Estonia, actually Asian Film on Film Academy of Performing Arts – FAMU, Prague, Czech Republic and Theatre Anthropology on Academy of Arts – VŠMU in Bratislava (SR). She also works as film curator and film festival consultant. Member of Slovak Club of Film Jurnalists.

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