Crossing the Boundaries

in 35th Montreal World Film Festival

This year, the border character of the Montreal Worl... read more

"Still Orangutans": A Scorching Day in Porto Alegre By Tadeusz Szczepanski

in 20th Toulouse Rencontres des Cinémas d'Amérique Latine

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"The Trap": The Belgrade Tragedy By Tadeusz Szczepański

in 11st Sofia International Film Festival

The Grand Prix of the 11th Sofia International Film ... read more

K for Karabasz, K for Koszalka By Tadeusz Szczepanski

in 46th International Short Film Festival Cracow

The traditional 'specialite de la maison' of the Kra... read more

Domino Sequence By Tadeusz Szczepanski

in 17th Goteborg International Film Festival

Scandinavian cinema has been speaking with its own h... read more

The Flying Pace of an Icelandic Horse

in 37th Göteborg International Film Festival

Icelandic cinema keeps amazing us with its originali... read more

Who Makes the Way?

in 8th OFF plus CAMERA - International Festival of Independent Cinema

Making Way, the main competition at Krakow's Off Cam... read more

Letter to God

in 49th Krakow Film Festival

Poste Restante, a new film by Marcel Lozinski, who i... read more

The Children Are Watching Us

in 27th Reykjavik International Film Festival

The name of Vittorio De Sica’s classic film The Chil... read more

Two Writers on the Screen

in 20th International Motovun Film Festival

The program of the 20 th Motovun Film Festival inclu... read more