Roger Koza

Film Critic, Argentina

Roger KozaRoger Alan Koza (1968) works as a film critic in the Co´rdoba newspaper "La Voz del Interior"; publishes regularly on films in "Quid" and "N~" magazines and as well as on his blog "Ojosabiertos at Otroscines" site. He currently hosts and directs the TV show "El cinemato´grafo" aired by Channel 10 in Co´rdoba and 360 Channel around Argentina. He has published "Con los ojos abiertos: cri´tica de cine de algunas peli´culas recientes" (2004). He has also published the essay "El inconsciente de las peli´culas", in Arte e Psicona´lisis (2005). He edited "Cine y pensamiento: las conferencias de Mar del Plata" (2006), and "Cine del man~ana" (2007). Since 2006 he has been a programmer for the Vitrina section at the Hamburg International Film Festival; and since 2011 for the FICUNAM (Universidad Auto´noma de Mexico's International Film Festival). Between 2009 and 2011, he directed the Festival of the Rio Negro Proyecta National Festival (Argentina). Since 2014, he is also the artistic director for the Cosqui´n International Film Festival (Co´rdoba). He has been a juror at various international film festivals.

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