The Fifth Gospel of Kaspar Hauser

in 42nd Rotterdam International Film Festival

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"Extraordinary Stories": The Cinema as Playground By Diego Lerer

in 46th Viennale

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A New Wave of Latin American Documentaries By Diego Lerer

in 4th Mexico City International Contemporary Film Festival

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"Encarnación": The After Life of a Starlet By Diego Lerer

in 55th San Sebastian International Film Festival

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Two Daring Films: "El Custodio" and "Longing" By Diego Lerer

in 56th Berlinale

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Last Life in the Universe By Diego Lerer

in 23th Rotterdam International Film Festival

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The Xixon Sound By Diego Lerer

in 43rd Gijón International Film Festival

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Before Things Change

in 6th Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema

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A Hard Time with the Mother Superior

in 34th Toronto International Film Festival

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The Real Argentina vs. The Imaginary One

in 60th Venice Film Festival

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The Renault Generation

in 5th Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival

My life ain't no holiday
I've been through the... read more

Forgiveness and Acceptance

in 40th Chicago International Film Festival

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