Christina Stojanova

Film Critic, Canada

Christina Stojanova is an academic, curator and writer focusing on cultural semiotics of totalitarian cinema; on ethnic and gender representation in English Canadian and Québec cinema and on phenomenology of horror in Russian and Eastern European cinema. She is a member of the Association of Quebec Film Critics since 1997 and has contributed regularly to "Kinema", "Cine-bulles", "KinoKultura", and the "Montreal Gazette". Currently, she teaches at the Department of Media Production and Studies at the University of Regina. Her major publications include chapters in Berlin "Culturescapes" (U of T Press, 2008), "Making it Like a Man: Canadian Masculinities" (Wilfrid Laurier U Press, 2008), "Eastern European Cinema" (Routledge, USA, 2006), "Traditions in World Cinema" (Edinburgh U Press, UK, 2006), "Horror International" (Wayne U Press, USA, 2005), "Alternative Europe" (Wallflower, UK, 2004), "Cinema and Globalization" (Editura Victor, Romania, 2003).

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