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Berlinale Talent Press 2013


Berlinale Talent Campus, Goethe Institut and FIPRESCI organize at this year's Berlinale (February 7-17, 2013) for the 10th time the "Talent Press", an initiative within the Berlinale Talent Campus. It's a good reason to look back on a wonderful project in favor of young critics. Former participants remember their first steps at Berlinale: Pamela Bienzobas, Maria UlfsakSheripova, Huang Hsiang-Yao, Nil Kural, Pamela Pianezza, Jonas Holmberg, Malwina Grochowska, Müge Turan, Aily Nash. Eren Odabasi. More arrow.
   This year, the tenth genration is expected in Berlin. Supported by renowned film-journalists (Derek Malcolm, Stephanie Zachariak, Chris Fujiwara, Dana Linssen, Oliver Baumgarten), they write reviews on films presented in various sections of the festival, compose features and report about the atmosphere of the Campus and interview both talents and experts. Articles of the participants are published daily on the website of the Berlinale Talent Campus and on the homepages of the Goethe Institut and FIPRESCI.

Film Criticism Re-Viewed — Young Critics present themselves arrow.
Ariel Esteban Cayer, Tom Cottey, Juan Carlos Fangacio, Sihle Mthembu, Adrian Jonathan Pasaribu, Ankur Pathak, Višnja Pentić, Irina Trocan

Day 1 arrow.
East Side Stories — Adrian Jonathan Pasaribu
Dreams Collapsed by Traditions — Ankur Pathak
"... But Then I Got Lighter."— Ariel Esteban Cayer
Noir's Not Dead — Irina Trocan
Nowhere Man — Juan Carlos Fangacio
A Wonderland Among The Waste — Tom Cottey
Killing Him Softly — Višnja Pentić

Day 2 arrow.
Reality Meets Fiction — By Višnja Pentić
Fighting Time with Paul Verhoeven — By Tom Cottey
Studies In Contrast — By Juan Carlos Fangacio
The Public Restrictions On Private Life  — By Irina Trocan
Good  Vibrations — By Ariel Esteban Cayer
Les Misérables: The Madness Behind the Method — By Ankur Pathak
All The World's A Stage — By Adrian Jonathan Pasaribu

Day 3 arrow.
The Unreliable Narrator — By Irina Trocan
A Human Bestiaire — By Juan Carlos Fangacio
Producing Films at the Berlinale — By Tom Cottey
Putting Ideology Aside — By Višnja Pentić
Stranger In Paradise —  By Ariel Esteban Cayer
Credit And Credibility — By Adrian Pasaribu
The Turbulence After the Storm — By Ankur Pathak

Day 4 arrow.
Reality Never Stops — By Ankur Pathak
"I Like Digital As Long As It Doesn't Look Digital" — By Adrian Jonathan Pasaribu
Bite The Pill — By Ariel Esteban Cayer
Sound, Silence & Shrimps —  By Tom Cottey
Hunting For Good Roles  — By Juan Carlos Fangacio
More than Meets the Eye — By Višnja Pentić
Acting on Instinct — By Irina Trocan

Day 5 arrow.
Varying Approaches — By Irina Trocan
Restaging History — By Juan Carlos Fangacio
A Frank And Economic Episode — By Tom Cottey
Spirits Leave Their Images Behind — By Višnja Pentić
The Landscape of Indigenous Cinema — By Ankur Pathak
Big In A Small Way — By Adrian Pasaribu
Identity Crises — —By Ariel Esteban Cayer



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Talent Press 2013

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