69th Locarno International Film Festival

69th Locarno International Film Festival, Switzerland (August 3 - August 13, 2016)

Festival: www.pardo.ch


Mister Universo Mister Universo Mister Universo

by Tizza Covi  

by Rainer Frimmel,  

(Austria, Italy, 2016, 90 mins) Jury: Dragan Rubesa (Croatia) , Fabian Tietke (Germany) , Marta Armengou (Spain) , Ahmed Shawky (Egypt) , Andreas Scheiner (Switzerland)

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Motivation, FIPRESCI Prize in Locarno, 2016: "For its simplicity and generosity. For its affection and warmth. For we felt better when we left the cinema. For the fact that the most beautiful stories have open endings."


Reality (Almost) Becomes Fiction

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Nights of a Shared Past

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