42nd Rotterdam International Film Festival

42nd Rotterdam International Film Festival, Netherlands (January 23 - February 3, 2013)

The jury stated:

"For Alberto Gracia's radical and audacious desire to capture the world as seen through the eyes of a legendary, rebel madman. Mysterious and bravely resisting any amount of words to precisely describe what he's achieved on screen, Gracia's work is both meticulously structured and yet as untamed as a dream in the deepest dark of night. We celebrate the film's achievement to convey Kaspar's divided selves, identities and visions through purely cinematic means, and to also question the very purpose of cinema itself. Alberto Gracia's work spans a variety of forms including painting, drawing, performance, video and installations. Microfugas, a short film shot on 16mm in 2008, was his first venture into cinema. The Fifth Gospel of Kaspar Hauser, his first feature film, saw its world premiere in IFFR's Bright Future 2013."

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The Fifth Gospel of Kaspar Hauser O quinto evanxeo de Gaspar Hauser The Fifth Gospel of Kaspar Hauser
(Spain, 2013, 61 mins) Jury: Diego Lerer (Argentina) , Robert Koehler (US) , Boris Nelepo (Russia) , Nam Da-Eun (South Korea) , Ronald Rovers (The Netherlands)
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