35th Montreal World Film Festival

35th Montreal World Film Festival, Canada (August 23 - September 3, 2012)

Montreal World Film Festival: www.ffm-montreal.org 


Where the Fire Burns Atesin düstügü yer Where the Fire Burns

by Ismail Gunes  

(Turkey, 2012, 104 mins) Jury: Claudia Lenssen (Germany) , Dominique Martinez (France) , Andrzej Gwozdz (Poland) , Jacob Lundström (Sweden) , José Romero (Peru) , Andrzej Gwozdz (Poland) , Renzo Fegatelli (Italy) , José Antonio Teodoro (Canada)
In House Casadentro In House
(Peru, 2013, 87 mins)

"Where the Fire Burns"

by José Antonio Teodoro

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"The Last Sentence"

by Renzo Fegatelli

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"Welcome Home"

by Claudia Lenssen

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The Juror's Perspective

by Andrzej Gwozdz

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This Is Cinema

by Dominique Martinez

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Three Small Yet Huge Latin American Films

by José Romero

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It's Hard Out Here for a Revolutionary

by Jacob Lundström

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