14th Motovun International Film Festival

14th Motovun International Film Festival, Croatia (July 25 - July 29, 2011)

The signature film for this year's Motovun Film Festival set the tone for the festival. A happy, light-hearted tune (from Mary Poppins) with lyrics that make you want to be there, in this Film on the Hill festival.A tiny town on top of a hill in Istria in Eastern Croatia, it is full to overflowing with young people that come and camp at the foot of the hill for the five days of a festival that is a celebration twenty out of twenty four hours of each of the five days it lasts. Film screening start at ten in the morning, the last screening in the open air starts at 1.30 am! At 4 in the morning, the screenings are over but the rock concerts continue for another hour. It is a true celebration of films, of youth, of joy.

The Festival jury chose to award the Belgian film Bullhead (Rundskop), directed by Michael Roskam with a Special Mention for Familiar Ground (En Terrains Connus) directed by Canadian Stephane Lafleur. The FIPRESCI Award was given to the Mexican film Martha, by Marcelino Islas Hernandez. (Aruna Vasudev)

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Martha Martha Martha
(Mexico, 2010, 76 mins) Jury: Aruna Vasudev (India) , Maricke Nieuwdorp (The Netherlands) , Denis Valic (Slovenia)
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A Celebration of Youth

by Aruna Vasudev

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