26th Warsaw Film Festival

26th Warsaw Film Festival, Poland (October 8 - October 17, 2010)

Warsaw Film Festival: www.wff.pl


Outbound Periferic Outbound
(Romania, 2010, 87 mins) Jury: Thomas Rothschild (Germany) , Aleksander Kwiatkowski (Sweden) , Marilena Iliesiu (Romania)
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A Fascinating (Pre-)History

by Aleksander Kwiatkowski

Warsaw has managed to overcome the historical trend of film festival showcases being hosted in exotic or remote places away from state capitals. Aleksander Kwiatkowski details the very eventful and intriguing journey of the festival to its present state.  read more

New from Eastern Europe

by Thomas Rothschild

Despite individual countries feeling the strain of production cuts, young directors from Eastern Europe have still managed to produce some of the most innovative and exciting work in cinema. Thomas Rothschild looks at some of the best films shown at the festival and, with also a friendly and attentive festival staff, argues that film culture in this part of the world is both passionate and professional above all else.  read more