7th Bratislava International Film Festival

7th Bratislava International Film Festival, Slovak Republic (December 2 - December 10, 2005)

The festival in the Slovak Republic invites first and second feature films to compete for its Grand Prix. Among them was the directorial debut of the Los Angeles based actor Liev Schreiber, Everything Is Illuminated — the story of a young American Jew who sets off to the Ukraine, where he looks for a woman who saved his grandfather during Nazi occupation. For our jury, it was the best film presented in competition (together with George Clooney's Good Night, And Good Luck that has won our prize already earlier, in Venice). The festival offered also an overview on new Slovak films (a series of a particular interest for foreign visitors), on films "Made in Europe" and on films "Off the Mainstream". 


Everything Is Illuminated
(USA, 2005, 35mm, 106 mins) Jury: Phillip Bergson (UK) , Vuk Perovic (Serbia-Montenegro ) , France Hatron (France) , Kata Anna Váró (Hungary) , Emília Kincelová (Slovak Republic)
International Sales: Warner Bros

Hollywood, USA.

With Infinite Heart

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