20th Haifa International Film Festival

20th Haifa International Film Festival, Israel (September 30 - October 7, 2004)

Haifa International Film Festival: www.haifaff.co.il


Fifty-Fifty Shiza Fifty-Fifty
(Kazakhstan, Russia, France, Germany, 2004, 86 mins) Jury: Chris Fujiwara (US) , Branka Sömen (Croatia) , Ulrich von Thüna (Germany) , Phillip Bergson (UK) , Yehuda Stav (Israel)
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Innocent and Not Innocent

by Chris Fujiwara

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Somewhere in China

by Ulrich von Thüna

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Film in Female Hands

by Branka Sömen

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Tulse Luper Goes to Haifa

by Yehuda Stav

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Fellini Forever!

by Phillip Bergson

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