22nd Istanbul Film Festival

22nd Istanbul Film Festival, Turkey (April 12 - April 27, 2003)

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The Sea Hafið The Sea
(Iceland, France, Norway, 2002, 109 mins) Jury: Bojidar Manov (Bulgaria) , Gönül Dönmez-Colin (Turkey) , Constantin Terzis (Greece) , Ikbal Zalila (Tunisia) , Zeynep Tul Akbal (Turkey)
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"For its deep observation of social and cultural wounds of a disintegrating family faced with globalization."

Distant Uzak Distant
(Turkey, 2002, 110 mins)
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Cad independence
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"For its multilayered approach to the personal distance of  the individual in relation to urban and rural time and space."

Cinema Near the Bosphorus

by Bojidar Manov

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Untold Stories

by Zeynep Tul Akbal

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Eclectic Choices, Few Surprises

by Gönül Dönmez-Colin

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Hafid / The Sea

by Bojidar Manov

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A Tarkovskian Praise to Vacuity

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My Notebook for the International Competition

by Constantin Terzis

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