4th Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival

4th Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival, Brazil (September 26 - October 10, 2002)

Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival: www.festivaldorio.com


Japan Japón Japan
(Mexico, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, 2002, 130 mins) Jury: Klaus Eder (Germany) , Horacio Bernades (Argentina) , Jorge Jellinek (Uruguay) , Deborah Young (US) , Carlos Alberto Mattos (Brazil) , Pedro Butcher (Brazil) , Carlos Brandao (Brazil)
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"For the cinematically daring way it leads us back to the roots of Mexican culture by raising questions of life and death."

The Virgin of Lust La virgen de la lujuria The Virgin of Lust
(Spain, Mexico, Portugal, 2002, 151 mins)
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"For Arturo Ripstein, honoring his career as a master of Latin American Cinema, on the occasion of his last film."

Bus 174 Ônibus 174 Bus 174
(Brazil, 2002, 150 mins)
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Marcos Prado
Praca Pio XI #6, Rio de Janeiro
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"For being a powerful and analytical film that turns a particular incident into a reflection on Brazilian society today."