51st Melbourne International Film Festival

51st Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia (July 24 - August 11, 2002)

Melbourne International Film Festival: www.miff.com.au


The Deserted Valley Thung lung hoang vang The Deserted Valley
(Vietnam, 2002, 90 mins) Jury: Ronald Bergan (UK) , Li Cheuk-to (Hong Kong) , Megan Spencer (Australia)
International Sales: Vietnam Feature Film Studio

"For its compassionate, poetic and evocative portrayal of an isolated community coming to terms with modern society." 

A Wedding in Ramallah A Wedding in Ramallah A Wedding in Ramallah
(Australia, 2002, 90 mins)
International Sales: Habibi Films

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"For its keenly observant approach to a contemporary, personal and yet universal topic, and for the effective rapport created between the director and the people involved in her story."