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Viennale 04:
The FIPRESCI Talent Press
An Introduction, by Dana Linssen

Grapes of wrath and tenderness... not only is the title of a retrospective on the works of Danièle Huillet / Jean-Marie Straub that is at the core of this year's Vienna Film Festival. It may very well serve as a starting point and a motto for the FIPRESCI Talent Press project that the Viennale is generously hosting.

Photo: Viennale.
Jury and Talents: Dana Linssen, Andrew Rector, Charles Leary, Gabe Klinger, Christian Letich (from left).

For the very first time this year the Viennale invited two young critics to engage in a writing programme tutored by members of the FIPRESCI jury. The Viennale Talent Press is a spin-off from the FIPRESCI Talent Press hosted by the Berlinale Talent Campus that took place for the first time this year. In the past the International Film Festival Rotterdam gave three trainees the opportunity to contribute to the festival's own publication The Daily Tiger, and will continue to do so in 2005.

It is our wish and aspiration that in the very near future more film festivals will give young and passionate film critics a chance to experience the international film festival world, gain experience in writing and get a chance to immerse in an immense ocean of movies, films, cinemas, moving pictures that is as overwhelming as it is comforting, as frightening as familiar, as blissful as it is addictive. And most of all challenges them to meditate and muse and finally engage in all sorts of film criticism and journalism.

Upon the day of our arrival, the Viennale organised a panel on Straub / Huillet, attended by the two filmmakers and a, to say the least, divided audience of devotees, admirers and people who do not feel entirely comfortable with the works and dialectics of the cerebral two.

Since film criticism is, among other things, also a discussion and a discourse, we present in our first issue a 'pro' and a 'con' piece on the forum. Taking stock of the many, and often powerful and profound ways to react upon a film, a filmmaker, an oeuvre.

In the next seven days we will continue our inquiries in film and criticism with reviews, reports, interviews and other reflections. Keep posted for our daily updates at noon.

On behalf of FIPRESCI I would like to thank the Viennale for this cooperation and in particular Eva Baumgardinger.

Dana Linssen
© FIPRESCI, Viennale, 2004



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