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the board

To know how board members are elected or appointed, please consult our statutes.

If you wish to contact a board member by e-mail, please address your request to,
and specify to whom your mail should be forwarded.

about us – the board


Honorary Presidents: Michel Ciment, Derek Malcolm, Marcel Martin, Lino Micciché (1934–2004), Andrei Plakhov.
Honorary Vice-President: Dan Fainaru.
Honorary Members
: Marco Fiore, Felice Laudadio.

Jean Roy, France

Alin Tasciyan, Turkey
Gyorgy Karpati, Hungary

General Secretary
Klaus Eder, Germany

Anne Brishoual, France/Germany

Directors of Department
Leo Bankersen, The Netherlands (Membership Affairs)
Pamela Biénzobas, Chile (Grand Prix — Best Film of the Year)
Carlos Brandao, Brazil (film history, film museums)
Barbara Lorey, France (Promotion of FIPRESCI Awarded Films)
Philippe J. Maarek, France (legal affairs)
Hassouna Mansouri, Tunisia (Arab and African Affairs)

Special Missions
Michel Ciment, Rui Tendinha, Grégory Valens



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